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Status Shooting

Director Florian VALLEE

Synopsis Let’s give the plastic sandal its rightly deserved place in the pantheon of Mankind’s shoes. Although no one dares questioning its timeless contribution to the comfort of our feet, who really knows its true story? Who remembers that it was born on the workbench of an Auvergne knife maker on February 1946? That it soon crossed the borders before invading the French Colonial Africa? That it will be used for military uniforms, fashion, sports or at work? Who could have known that it would escort fights for independence and one day become a symbol of national identity? That it would soon become the most-worn shoe on the continent! From the Ivory Coast to Kenya, from Cameroon to Eritrea, this report follows with great orthopaedic rigour the traces of this illustrious sandal.

Producer Kwassa Films

Coproducer O2B Films (FR)

Broadcaster RTBF, Be TV and France 3

Partners FWB (Federation Wallonia-Brussels), WIP (Wallonie Image Production), CNC, PROCIREP, Hainaut Region and France 3 Auvergne-Rhône Alpes Region.