Kwassa Films is a young Brussels based production company, which aims to promote innovative, creative and accessible projects to a wide audience. It also wishes to contribute to the emergence of young Belgian talents on the international stage.

Kwassa Films has co-produced feature films including Zoé Wittock’s “Jumbo” (release in March 2020) and Frederike Migom’s “Binti” (releases in April 2019), both films selected at the renowned Sundance Film Festival (2020).

Gerlando Infuso’s “The Proposal”  won the Magritte Award for Best Animated Short Film (2019).

The documentaries produced by Kwassa Films set themselves apart with their off-the-wall, educational angle (“The New French Hipster is a Belgian“) and with their ambition (“Slavery Routes“).The documentary “Into Battle“ by Eve Duchemin won the Magritte award for Best Documentary in 2017.