24h Europe

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Status Broadcasted (May 2019)

Directors Britt BEYER, Vassili SILOVIC, Volker HEISE

Genre 24 Hours documentary

Synopsis A day in the universe we call Europe, told through the eyes of the young. They are on the verge of adulthood yet live at the fractures of the continent. Introduced in real time, uninterrupted, from 6 am to 6 am. A programme of parallel worlds and contradictions, a contemporary document and a manifest for a future in the making. 

Producer Zero One Film (DE)

Coproducers Ideale Audience (FR), Kwassa Films

Broadcasters ARTE GEIE, ARTE Deutschland, ARTE France, RBB, SWR, BR, RTBF (Belgian TV)

Partners Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, BNPPFFFF and the support of the Belgian Tax Shelter