Belgian is the new hipster

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Status Broadcasted (2017)

Directors Gilles DAL and Marc BALL

Synopsis From the sketch of Coluche “Les Belges” in 1979 to the TV sets of Canal Plus starring Stromae, François Damiens or Stéphane de Groot, something has changed. For the french, the Belgian, in thirty years, has moved from moron to hipster trendy, funny and ultra frequentable. What happened? How did the Belgian, this ridiculous cousin, become the influencer of trends and reservoir of talents of a France formerly so prompt to ignore its french-speaking neighbors? Marc Ball and Gilles Dal led the investigation. The results are … surprising!

Producers O2B Films (FR), Kwassa Films

Broadcasters RTBF (Belgian TV), VOO – Be TV (Belgian Cable TV), Planete+ (French Cable TV)

Partners Casa Kafka Pictures Movie Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius and the support of the Belgian Tax Shelter, CNC