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Status In development

Directors Valérie MAGIS & Rémi DURIN

Co producer Autour de Minuit (FR)

Genre Animation short film


As the school show is about to begin and the applause of the audience resounds, the Child does not dare to join his classmates who are going on stage. To hide himself, he wraps himself in a makeshift cloak whose fabric seems endless, and he ends up in a magnificent palace surrounded by a cloud as soft as it is impenetrable.

The Child is welcomed by Slipper, The Cat and Robot, three zany yet reassuring friends, who immediately crown him “Little Majesty” of their castle, where you can have anything you want. They believe that nothing can happen to them, and certainly not an unfortunate encounter with the birds of misfortune that plague the cloud.

While Little Majesty is enjoying her castle life with her new, slightly too perfect friends, a teasing bird comes to meet her to remind her that her audience is waiting.

Producer Kwassa Films

Partners FWB, Creanimation Fund RTBF – FWB and PROCIREP