THE SNULS, anyway in twenty minutes you will not remember anything


Production status

Release date


Technical sheet

Status In post-production

Directors Guillermo GUIZ and Gilles DAL

Genre Documentary

Synopsis Guillermo Guiz and Gilles Dal both work in the entertainment industry. They decide to make a documentary about the Snuls, a group of Belgian “comedians” they used to worship, who were broadcast on Canal Plus Belgium some thirty years ago. The Snuls made fun of everything and everyone.

They were indeed five men whose humor was the antithesis of what is often called today -to denigrate it- “politically correct”: to the question “can we laugh at everything?” they definitely answered yes, WE MUST.

Producer Kwassa Films

Partner RTBF, Be TV, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Tax Shelter via Beside Productions, Screen Brussels