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Status broadcast in November 2022 on RTBF and in January 2023 on France TV

Directors Julien JOHAN and Agnès PIZZINI

Genre Documentary

Synopsis  In 1945, fifteen million orphans roamed in the debris of a Europe recovering from the deadliest conflict it had ever known. Through recolorized archives, testimonies of survivors and reenactment, our film will relate this obscure and unknown episode of the immediate post-war period, overshadowed by the atrocities of the conflict. We will understand how over seven years, the victorious nations took control of the orphans, regardless of their origins, their affiliations and their nationality, all in the name of the state.

Teaming up with the best historian from France, Poland and the US on the topic, we will tell the stories of these children broken lives, forever in search of their families and homes.

Producer Elephant Adventures (FR)

Coproducers Kwassa Films, Vertigo (PL)

Partners Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, RTBF, CNC, Procirep, Polish Film Institute, FMS memory for the Shoah

Distribution Terranoa

TV channels France TV, Planète +, RTBF, SVT (SE), RSI (CH), Canal+ (PL), LRT (LT), RTP (PT), RTVS (SI)