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Status Released (April 2019)

Director Frederike MIGOM

Cast Bebel Tshiani Baloji, Joke Devynck, Baloji, Mo Bakker and Caroline Stas

Genre Family film

Synopsis BINTI (12), is of Congolese origin but has always lived in Belgium. She wants to become famous thanks to her vlog “Binti’s Bubble”. But her potential expulsion and that of his father JOVIAL threatens to shatter her dream. Binti sees only one solution to the problem: her dad must marry the mother of ELIAS (11), who is Belgian.

Producers Bulletproof Cupid (BE) and Family Affairs (NL)

Coproducer Kwassa Films

Partners VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund), FWB (Federation Wallonia-Brussels), KETNET, NFF, TELENET

Distributors JEF & LE PARC (BE)

Awards Grand prix at FIFEM de Montréal (2019), Teens Choice Award at Valletta Film Festival (Malte, 2019), Best Children’s Film at Cinekid Amsterdam (2019), Ensor 2019 of Best Film for kids, Castello di bronzo and Unicef Award at Castellinaria – Youth cinema Festival (2019), Best Film for kids Award at MFF Juniorfest (2019), European Children’s Film Association Award at PÖFF Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (2019)

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